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Recover Dividend Tracker

Occassionally in certain wallets when transfering or swapping $LINQ a insufficient gas limit has been placed on the transaction
This situation occurs when the wallet has set a gas limit under 30,000 gwei
In order to fix this and get the appropriate amount of Linq_dividend_tracker tokens follow the steps below. This tutorial is for MetaMask wallet but a similar process can be used for other wallets. Step 1. Sign into your wallet Step 2. Import the $LINQ token custom contract to your wallet if you have not done this. The $LINQ token contract is 0x3e34eabF5858a126cb583107E643080cEE20cA64
Step 3. Navigate to your Assets management section of your wallet and tap $LINQ
Step 4. Tap Send and in the To address paste the same wallet address your $LINQ current is being held in. Yes, you are sending a transaction to yourself.
Type a balance to send of 1 $LINQ and tap next
Step 5. On the following section you will need to adjust your gas rate. Tap the "Market >" icon
Step 6. In this section tap Aggressive to set the highest gas limit
Step 7. Close this section and confirm the transaction
Once complete you can then inspect the transaction itself and your wallet to see the updated dividend tracker total.