This section will review the four key industry segments this technology distrupts The primary value proposition distinguishing the locQer solution of the hub to our competition is its token standard-compliant locked positions, which allow for portability. This portability means that assets locked or deposited within a Certificate can be transferred, sold, listed, exchanged, or otherwise handled using the widely recognized ERC-721 "NFT" mechanisms established for years.

Transferable certificate positions are the defining feature of the locQer solution, setting it apart from traditional, isolated solutions in the space. This "interoperability" of certificate transfer opens up a broad spectrum of value capture opportunities, previously unseen in traditional liquidity/token locking, staking contracts, revenue-sharing protocols, vesting structures, or distribution contract suites. By consolidating all these value propositions into a single, unified technology stack, the LINQ | HUB provides a modular, flexible, and cost-effective system for project owners, active community members, and investors to derive and enhance value in innovative and impactful ways. We will explore various use cases in this documentation hub in the following sections.

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