Sally's Story: Unique Pre-sale

A unique Pre-sale marketing and exposure concept unique to the LINQ LocQer


In an innovative use case, Sally leverages the LINQ LocQer to conduct a pre-sale auction of certificates that contain vested tokens. These tokens are embedded within tradeable NFTs, allowing for a unique and engaging pre-sale experience. This method introduces a novel approach to fundraising and token distribution, emphasizing the versatility and potential of NFTs as financial instruments in the crypto space.

Pre-sale Auction Use Case:

Sally organizes a pre-sale auction where investors can bid on certificates representing vested tokens. These certificates are NFTs, making them easily tradable on various platforms even before the tokens themselves are listed on Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs). This strategy not only generates early interest and liquidity for Sally's project but also creates an exclusive opportunity for investors to secure their stake before the public market launch.

Pre-market Trading Volume:

Sally has done a excellent job marketing for her project and has experienced great demand with the auction selling out quickly. Given the fierce competition for Sally's pre-sale vesting certificates, the pre-market trading volume is expected to be significant. The anticipation and limited availability of these certificates drive demand, leading to active trading and potentially high premiums over the initial auction prices. This scenario fosters a vibrant secondary market, where participants speculate on the future value of the tokens contained within the NFTs.

The unique aspect of these certificates being tradeable as NFTs before the DEX market opens introduces an early trading phase, allowing investors to gauge market sentiment and establish a preliminary valuation of Sally's project. This early trading phase could significantly impact the initial DEX listing price, as it provides a clear indicator of investor interest and perceived value.

Splitting and Aggregating Certificates:

A key feature of Sally's strategy is the ability for holders to split and aggregate their certificates before trading goes live on the DEX market. This flexibility allows investors to tailor their investment size to their preference, potentially lowering the barrier to entry for smaller investors or enabling larger investors to consolidate certificates for more significant stakes in the project.

Splitting certificates enable investors to sell portions of their vested tokens, offering liquidity and diversification opportunities. Conversely, aggregating certificates allow investors to compile smaller stakes into a more substantial position, potentially increasing their influence and stake in Sally's project.


Sally's use of the LINQ LocQer for a pre-sale auction of vested token certificates as tradeable NFTs is a pioneering approach that can significantly impact the project's early liquidity and investor engagement. This strategy enhances the attractiveness of participating in the pre-sale by providing immediate trading opportunities, a mechanism for price discovery, and flexibility in investment size. Moreover, it sets a precedent for how projects can creatively utilize NFT technology to facilitate token distribution and early market engagement, potentially leading to a more dynamic and participatory pre-market phase that can influence the project's success upon its DEX launch.

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