How to Buy LINQ

How to Buy LINQ

1. Navigate to the official LINQ website,

2. Click Buy Linq.

3. Click Connect Wallet.

If the LINQ token contract does not load for you in the You Receive Section paste the token contract into the token section


4. Select your wallet from the list available.

5. Click on the gear icon to adjust slippage.

6. Click on the Auto drop-down arrow next to ‘Max slippage.’

7. Type in 7 into the box to set the slippage to 7% and then click outside of the slippage window to close it.

Please note that during periods of higher volume, you may need to increase your slippage to ensure the transaction goes through successfully.

8. Click on the down arrow so LINQ is below the ‘Select token’ field.

9. Click the Select token drop-down arrow.

10. Select an ERC20 token. Ether will be the most common choice.

11. Type the amount you’d like to spend in the top box and then click Swap.

12. Click Confirm swap.

13. Confirm the transaction within your wallet to proceed with the purchase.

In most wallets, you’ll have to import the token contract address to view the token balance in your wallet. The LINQ contract address is 0x3e34eabf5858a126cb583107e643080cee20ca64

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