Decentralization is a core piece of the LINQ protocol, as part of this we are undergoing the process to make our token DAO owned. LINQ was the first mover in decentralized liquidity where the entire LP pool was collectively distributed and owned by the token holders, and with this change the token itself will be also in control of the community. The LINQ Dao, which will govern the $LINQ Token, owns the liquidity pool, our unique LocQer enabled paymaster staking system, marks the dawn of a truly community-owned project. This structure not only fuels our innovative fee distribution model but also embodies our commitment to empowering every member of the LINQ community. Together, we're pioneering a future we all own to build wealth together.

DAO Ownership

$LINQ Token governance and paymaster contract

Ownership of automated LocQer staking system

On-chain & off-chain voting

Liquidity incentives and benefits system

The LINQ DAO will have ownership over a powerful staking and distribution process enabled by our LocQer technology.

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