Token Vesting

Key Concepts:

  1. Team & Partnership Token Locks

  2. Share Splitting & Aggregation

  3. Pre-sales

  4. Token Baskets


The LINQ LocQer enables project owners to lock any ERC-20 token or multiple ERC-20 tokens for any desired duration. This functionality allows for the vesting or locking of presale tokens, or team tokens, thereby enhancing the trust and security associated with the project. The system offers unparalleled flexibility with these vaulted tokens by incorporating an optional distribution module that directs outputs to our exclusive LINQ NFT certificates system.


Mandy organized a presale for her new token, incorporating a vesting schedule to protect new market buyers. The vesting rules stipulate that the presale tokens will be released linearly over 6 months.

Mandy utilizes the LINQ LocQer for the presale participants' tokens, deploys a LocQer, and deposits the tokens. She configures the system for Virtual Share issuance, which does not require a deposit token for earning distributions, and sets a 6-month vesting timeline.

Many then mints Virtual Share certificates for all the presale participants and conducts a bulk airdrop to them. Upon receiving the NFT, participants can visit the LINQ platform to claim their tokens, which are available every second of the distribution time until the completion of the 6-month period. Sally has also activated share splitting and aggregation, enabling presale participants to fraction off or combine their presale certificates while maintaining the vesting period.

Benefits to Holders:

Market Stability: Investors engaged in the presale cannot immediately sell their tokens, reducing potential sell pressure on the market. They must adhere to a strict vesting schedule established by the project founder, however they are not stuck with waiting like traditional vesting systems. A vesting certificate owner can fractionalize and sell pieces or the whole certificate to others OTC, or through marketplace listings.

Flexibility: Presale participants have the option to sell their Virtual-Share presale position for ETH on any major NFT marketplace, providing liquidity and options for their investment.

Benefits to Project Owners:

Enhanced Security: The use of the LINQ LocQer increases security for the project’s public sale launch, offering on-chain proof to public sale participants of a fair entry into the project.

Further Details:

The LINQ LocQer's vesting capabilities extend beyond mere token locking, introducing innovative features like share splitting and aggregation, which afford both project owners and participants enhanced flexibility and security. This multifaceted approach to token vesting ensures a balanced and equitable distribution mechanism, fostering a healthier and more stable project ecosystem.

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