The LINQ | HUB is a Web3 solutions platform that focuses on innovative technologies designed to reduce friction, empower enthusiasts, create new profit centers, and enhance crypto safety. The HUB features several powerful products, starting with the LocQer, and includes many upcoming innovative solutions within our ecosystem that are currently being developed.

HUB Solutions

The LINQ LocQer:

  • The LINQ LocQer is a next-gen token locking, vesting, distribution, staking-as-a-service, and unique over-the-counter system. A Web3 product that utilizes a novel NFT certificate process to create portable locked token positions for the first time in crypto. This solution completely reimagines multiple industry concepts, offering unprecedented flexibility for both developers and holders. It represents a true next-gen solution designed for the modern, sophisticated crypto landscape.

Financial instrument marketplace

  • We will be building a new type of NFT market place that allows our new certificate system to thrive with appropriate fee structures meant for asset trading of this type. Currently, NFT trading platforms are designed for trading membership clubs, profile pictures (PFPs), or other simple NFT concepts. While our certificates are NFTs, they are anything but simple. Our marketplace will specialize in the trading and buying of locked liquidity, liquid staking position trading, futures through yield certificates, volatility farming indicators, and more.

AI financial tools

  • We will be building AI financial solutions to maximize potential from the new set of financial data that will emerge from our marketplace and financial instrument trading. This data holds extreme value and can be a perfect fit for Large Language Models (LLM) and AI data harvesting systems to compile, summarize, identify trends, assess liquidity velocity, identify yield opportunities, collect social momentum from page visits, and analyze market volatility. We will build a suite of AI systems to maximize this new large data set and provide unique financial opportunities to those that engage with our AI tools.

Web3 Business services

  • We are building a professional and comprehensive team to develop next-gen crypto solutions, not only for our own products but also to assist others in building theirs. The LocQer itself is an instrumental piece of this business, and we are prepared to onboard custom crypto projects, specializing in unique tokenomics, multi-contract sophisticated ecosystems, and Web3 entrepreneurial solutions.

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