Jerry's Story: Sophisticated Defi Yield

An example of a complex defi tokenomics structure enabled by the LINQ LocQer and our financial instrument NFT system.


In this highly advanced use case, Jerry capitalizes on the LINQ LocQer's capabilities to not only enhance liquidity and incentives within his LONG token ecosystem but also to intricately weave a pool entrance fee and an early withdrawal fee into the liquidity pool's structure. These fees are ingeniously designed to generate yield in LONG tokens, which are then reinvested into the ecosystem to boost liquidity and fund expansion efforts. This strategic implementation sets the stage for a complex financial ecosystem, where the interplay between fees, yields, and market dynamics fosters unique arbitrage and speculation opportunities, extending even into the DEX trading market for LONG tokens.

Advanced Use Case Scenario with DEX Market Arbitrage:

Pool Fees and Ecosystem Expansion:

Pool Entrance Fee:

  • Jerry introduces an entrance fee for joining the liquidity pool, payable in LONG tokens. This fee redistributes as yield to the pool, enticing new participation and enhancing overall liquidity.

Early Withdrawal Fee:

  • An early withdrawal fee is implemented for those exiting the pool prematurely, channeling funds back into the ecosystem for further development and expansion.

These fees craft a dynamic economic model that not only incentivizes sustained engagement but also ensures the ecosystem's growth and vitality.

Arbitrage Opportunities Across Markets:

The intricate design of Jerry's system introduces a fascinating layer of complexity, where the DEX trading market for non-deposited LONG tokens and the market for the yield-bearing certificates diverge, creating arbitrage opportunities across both. The value of the certificates, which include both the current worth of the staked LONG tokens and their future yield potential, becomes decoupled from the direct DEX market value of LONG tokens. This discrepancy arises because the certificates' value also factors in the anticipated yields and the costs associated with the fees for entering or exiting the pool.

Speculation and Market Dynamics:

Investors find themselves at the heart of a speculative matrix, where the price listed for a financial instrument (the certificate) on NFT marketplaces does not fully encapsulate the true value of the underlying tokens and their associated rewards yield. This gap allows for arbitrage strategies where investors can profit by capitalizing on price discrepancies between the certificate's market price and the intrinsic value of its contents, considering the yield and token volatility on the DEX.

DEX Trading Market Influence:

The DEX trading market for LONG tokens not locked in the LocQer presents its arbitrage scenarios. Fluctuations in the LONG token price on the DEX can significantly impact the perceived value of the certificates, as investors weigh the potential yield against the immediate market conditions. This dynamic interaction between the certificate market and the DEX trading market for LONG tokens enriches the ecosystem's complexity, providing seasoned traders with the chance to leverage discrepancies for profit.

Ecosystem Impact and Sustainability:

Jerry's multi-faceted approach, integrating pool fees with a yield-bearing certificate system and linking this with the broader DEX market, cultivates a richly interactive ecosystem. This ecosystem not only rewards long-term participation and strategic engagement but also continuously funds its expansion and liquidity through reinvested fees. The resulting vibrant market activity around the LONG token and its associated financial instruments showcases the potential of blockchain projects to create deeply interconnected, self-sustaining economic models.


By integrating these advanced financial mechanisms, Jerry's project exemplifies how blockchain technology can foster innovative economic ecosystems. These ecosystems are capable of supporting complex investment strategies, arbitrage, and speculation, all while driving growth and sustainability within the project itself. As Jerry introduces additional market pressure and demand for his $LONG token through external market making, along with products and services that utilize the $LONG token, and by creating additional sources of supply competition such as burning mechanisms, he can ensure his trading market thrives.

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