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Etherscan Claim

Etherscan Claim LP

1. Navigate to the LINQ contract on Etherscan

2. Click Connect to Web3 to connect your wallet to Etherscan.

3. If an Etherscan dialogue box appears stating this is a beta version, click OK.

4. Select your wallet from the list available.

Once your wallet is connected, it will say Connected – Web3, followed by your connected wallet address.

5. Click claim (0x4e71d92d)

6. Click Write.

7. Confirm the transaction within your wallet to claim your accrued LP tokens.

Import the LINQ LP contract address into your wallet to view the balance of your LP tokens. The LINQ LP contract address is 0xA8A837E2bf0c37fEf5C495951a0DFc33aaEAD57A