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Linq Tokenomics


  • 100,000,000 Tokens Fixed Supply | All Tokens in Circulations
  • 6% taxes, 3% Liquidity Share, 3% ETH for development & staking rewards
  • Fair stealth Launch 93% of supply | 2 ETH initial liquidity | 13,638 V2 LP tokens
  • Developer wallet and liquidity pool ineligible for Liquidity Share
  • LINQ and LP token staking/locking incentives paid in ETH
6/6 | 3% to LP community claims | 3% for LP staking Eth rewards & Development 3% of every transaction is for LP staking and development. There is no set amount dedicated to the dev portion. This 3% tax is used to maintain the APR for LP staking ETH rewards. Deployer Wallet


The Linq Dividend Tracker is a secondary asset used to track LP token earnings from distributions.
This asset is non-transferrable and is the only way $LINQ holders earn LP claims.
It is minted when you receive your $LINQ token and is burned when you send it to a new wallet.
$LINQ holders do not need to interact in anyway with the dividend tracker


gLINQ is a governance token granted to $LINQ stakers who have perpetually locked their tokens in our staking contract. It acts as a access key to the LINQ DAO as well as bringing voting options to holders to utilize as more systems within the DAO come online. Holders of gLINQ must trade their tokens back in when unlocking their $LINQ stake position in order to unstake


cLINQ is a wrapped version of $LINQ that has a 0/0 tax function. This enables users to Wrap their $LINQ to mint cLINQ. There will not be a new supply of tokens created, this is a 1 to 1 pairing of $LINQ <-- --> cLINQ and vice versa. cLINQ's primary purpose is to enable centralized exchanges to acquire $LINQ and service demand for their customers on their exchange.
cLINQ is not yet published