LINQ: Building a future we own together

LINQ is transforming the world of cryptocurrency by creating a revolutionary new decentralization standard & transformative tools to maximize the potential of smart contract technology.

Executive Summary

LINQ is poised to become a key innovator in the cryptocurrency market powered by our suite of upcoming technologies we are releasing under the banner of the LINQ | Hub, the first of these technologies is the LINQ LocQer, followed by a suite of enhancement tools that compliment our ecosystem and Web3 solutions. The LINQ token, our DAO, and our development company exemplify decentralization, putting the power, security and wealth building opportunities in our investors hands.
HUB technologies & solutions:
  • LINQ LocQer
    • A next-gen token locking and token distribution platform
  • Locked token marketplace
    • A custom built NFT marketplace specifically meant for the trading of financial instruments
  • AI automation tooling suite
    • A suite of AI and automation tools for individuals, client projects, and institutions to capitalize on financial opportunities generated through the LINQ Hub applications.
  • Web3 business solutions company
    • We have built a team of highly talented professionals ready to take on new challenges and build groundbreaking solutions not only for ourselves, but for clients too.


The LINQ Locker (LocQer) introduces a revolutionary token distribution protocol that harnesses the well-established ERC721 and ERC20 standards, offering unprecedented flexibility for both project owners and holders. This innovation enhances the security of investment vehicles and opens new avenues for generating yield and financial opportunity for investors through a LINQ exclusive certificate financial instrument system.
Our technology fundamentally redefines the following industry segments.
  1. 1.
    Token Locking - Enforced time locking of tokens
    1. 1.
      Liquidity (LP) Locking
    2. 2.
      Team token locks
    3. 3.
      Partnership token locking
  2. 2.
    Token Distribution - Time based emissions of tokens
    1. 1.
    2. 2.
      Multi-token distributions
    3. 3.
      DeFi pool frameworks
  3. 3.
    Vesting - Stable linear time vested distribution
    1. 1.
      Presale token vesting
    2. 2.
      Team token vesting
    3. 3.
      Service provider payment token vesting
  4. 4.
    Over-The-Counter trading on chain - Novel Locked token portability
    1. 1.
      Liquid Staked Tokens
    2. 2.
      Arbitrage between wrapped and unwrapped assets
    3. 3.
      Novel Asset Market Exposure
LINQ LocQer revolutionizes token vaults by enabling token distributions linked to an ERC-721 Certificate, offering developers flexible, smart contract solutions for industry challenges.
It allows for post-deployment reconfiguration of its system which enables powerful incentivizing processes for token locking with yield payouts, and scales affordably to boost adoption. Investors can trade staking or vesting certificates OTC, bypassing traditional restrictions and creating a dynamic pre-launch trading market as well as unique liquidity options to buy, sell, and trade staked tokens in a open decentralized market. LINQ is building a comprehensive ecosystem of innovative tools all built from a core premise of reducing friction for investors and developers, enhancing financial opportunities, and bringing the modern industrial crypto landscape to life. The $LINQ token and LINQ DAO are central to this innovative platform, inviting participation in a project set to redefine decentralized finance and blockchain standards.

The subsequent sections of this gitbook delves into a series of application use cases, illustrating the versatility of the LocQer in fulfilling specific objectives. This modular and re-configurable system is crafted to scale alongside a business from inception, catering to the complex requirements of advanced smart contract systems tailored for modern cryptocurrency projects.

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