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LINQ: A Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem

A light brief into the LINQ Protocol

Executive Summary

LINQ marks a transformative shift in the blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape, unveiling a Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem (DLE) that fundamentally redefines the management and distribution of liquidity. This lite paper outlines LINQ's ambitious vision to revolutionize liquidity management across the entire crypto ecosystem. With this innovative approach, LINQ and the DLE promise to grant $LINQ holders unparalleled ownership and direct advantages as active participants in the decentralized liquidity network facilitated by this cutting-edge technology.

LINQ FaQt Sheet:

Mission: Transform the crypto industry by converting centralized liquidity into a network of decentralized liquidity pools.
  • Provide crypto investors with true economic and project ownership beyond token holding
  • Eliminate risk of rug pulls with enhanced founding developer trust
  • Establish a new paradigm of community management and mobilization
  • Build the largest Liquidity Network in existence

LINQ Protocol Components:

  • LINQ Token: Provides ownership of LINQ token, rights to accrue Decentralized LINQ Liquidity Pool tokens (LINQ LP token), and access to the LINQ DAO
  • LINQ LP Token: A decentralized share of LINQ’s liquidity pool, economic value derived from the pairing of ETH and LINQ
  • LINQ Staking Qontract: A contract that distributes claimable ETH rewards to LINQ token and LINQ LP token stakers with compounding functionality
  • gLINQ: A 1:1 representation of LINQ token holdings to gain access to the LINQ DAO
  • LINQ DAO: A collective of LINQ owners that have partial ownership in the ever-growing and expansive Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem
  • LINQ HUB | LOCQER: First-ever protocol that commercializes the conversion of centralized liquidity into decentralized liquidity pool tokens that are tradable and transferable to project communities


  • 100,000,000 Tokens Fixed Supply | All Tokens in Circulations
  • 6% taxes, 3% Liquidity Share, 3% ETH for development & staking rewards
  • Fair stealth Launch 93% of supply | 2 ETH initial liquidity | 13,638 V2 LP tokens
  • Developer wallet and liquidity pool ineligible for Liquidity Share
  • LINQ and LP token staking/locking incentives paid in ETH

Revenue Share:

  • Revenue from swap taxes as well as LINQ | Hub products distributed in the form of ETH, and Liquidity Tokens
  • Sustainable treasury focus for longevity with options for high rewards boost periods based on revenue surges
  • Variable incentive structure to incentivize price action and price stability through decentralized liquidity pool manipulation
  • DAO governance incentives for new product launches
Linquidity Tokenomics chart

Unique benefits to holders:

  • Direct ownership in first-ever Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem
  • LP token earnings and ownership in LINQ’s decentralized liquidity pool
  • ETH earnings from LINQ token and LP token staking
  • LP token and ETH earnings from an ever-expanding pool of liquidity from projects onboarded to the Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem(DLE)
  • Access LINQ DAO that has a guide in the usage of the LINQ Treasury and receives proprietary information from its network of crypto projects
  • Access liquidity collateralized by LINQ token and decentralized liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens)
  • First access to new, innovative project launches through the LINQ DAO

Unique benefits to onboarding projects:

  • Kickstart project launches with LP token distribution to community
  • Empower and incentivize the mobilization of your community with LP and Staking rewards
  • Establish trust with your community mechanically eliminating risk of rugging
  • Develop greater sense of loyalty and enthusiasm from your community by distributing the LP to them
  • Access to expanding suite of liquidity management and community management tools to streamline your project’s growth
  • Founding teams of startups onboarded to the Decentralized Liquidity Ecosystem enjoy special access to a niche network of crypto industry founders that share growth insights within the LINQ DAO
  • Access to a powerful network of dedicated development resources, community management talent, marketing, and professional services

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Liquidity Ecosystem Key Features in brief

Level 1: Decentralized Liquidity

LINQ represents a groundbreaking technology protocol that places liquidity directly into the hands of its investors. For the first time, DEX liquidity is firmly under the control of a distributed community of token holders. This shift yields far-reaching benefits, including the resolution of rug pulls, enhancement of community incentives, promotion of a collective ownership mindset, and further financial empowerment for investors. LINQ is pioneering true collective ownership in the crypto space, making it a tangible reality for the first time.

Level 2: Liquidity management tooling

Traditional liquidity management processes offer limited benefits, primarily providing trust against rug pulls and promoting investor security behaviours. LINQ presents a versatile alternative to these conventional methods, catering to both newly launched and existing project owners. Beyond offering typical liquidity locking functions, the LINQ Hub suite of products paves the way for decentralized liquidity, a feature that other projects can also leverage. Participation in this liquidity network brings a multitude of advantages, including liquidity collateralization, enhanced social networking opportunities, and access to a range of development services.

Level 3: Social Finance and the future of community empowerment

The current state of the crypto industry presents significant challenges for newcomers, with complex user interfaces and a steep learning curve. New users face the daunting task of mastering a wide array of products, developing necessary skill sets, and sourcing vital data to invest in DEX tokens. The LINQ Social Fi app addresses these challenges by consolidating all essential tools into one central hub, enabling seamless participation in the crypto industry's culture, commerce, and core activities. LINQ's application offers a comprehensive experience where individuals and communities can converge, brands can grow, and content creators can reach new audiences, all underpinned by a direct revenue-sharing model integral to the technology. Designed by and for crypto enthusiasts, this application will empower builders, creators, and their communities in unprecedented ways.