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Dapp Staking

How to stake LP tokens
If you have not claimed your LP, please do so prior to proceeding. To claim your LP, please reference the How to Claim LP document here: *You are staking claimed LP tokens, not $LINQ*

1. Navigate to the official LINQ website

2. Click LP Staking.

LP Staking Button

3. Click Connect Wallet.

Connect Wallet Prompt

4. Select your wallet from the list available.

5. Click Stake.

Stake Button
Please note that when you have accumulated rewards to claim, they will be above the ‘Collect Reward’ box, if you would like to claim follow the tutorial link here.

6. Your total amount of LP tokens is shown. Enter the amount of LP tokens you’d like to stake manually or select Max to stake all of it.

Important Note: The minimum amount of LP tokens to stake for rewards to accumulate is 2.

7. Click Stake.

Stake Button
If you are prompted to enter a spending cap from your wallet, click ‘Max’ and click Next or Continue and approve the transaction.

8. Confirm the transaction within your wallet to proceed with the deposit.

This prompt will look different depending on what wallet you are using but you will be paying a small amount of ETH gas to process the transaction

9. You will receive a message stating you have successfully staked your LP.

You can confirm the stake is a success on Etherscan by following the tutorial link below
How to stake LP tokens video guide
Turorial Video on Staking LP Tokens